Know How To Start a Conversation with Your Crush: 15 Best Ways

How to Start a Conversation with Your Crush

Quick story,

I had a friend let’s call him Jake, who liked this girl & was finding ways to approach her, he had no idea how to talk to her, he only needed an answer to this question of his, how to start a conversation with your crush. trust me he was really nervous, after gathering himself he finally walked close to her as he stumbled over his words, attempting to strike up a conversation.

“Hey, Emily,” he stuttered, “I noticed you like soda. You know, I also enjoy…drinking things.”

Emily raised an eyebrow, “Um, yeah, most people do.”

Jake’s face turned tomato-red, but he went on, asking her to hang out outside of school. Surprisingly, Emily agreed with a warm smile.

The moral? Don’t overthink it. Sometimes, even the most awkward moments can lead to charming connections.

But is it always this easy? Not necessary. Especially if you’re pursuing someone for the first time, you’d want to say correct things. Right?

In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete guide on how to start a convo with your crush and keep it engaging and interesting.

The Initial Approach

The initial approach is the first step to starting a conversation with your crush. This is where you create the tone of the conversation and make an impression that lasts.

1. Choose the Right Time and Place

Choose the right moment and place to approach your crush. When they are busy or in a bad mood, avoid interrupting them. Choose an easygoing place where you both feel comfortable. It can be your university, park a party or even through text

2. Confidence is Key

Without a doubt, confidence is attractive. Approach your crush with a genuine smile, keep a decent posture, and create eye contact. Confidence radiates positively and can increase your crush’s responsiveness.

3. Non-verbal Cues/Body Language

Your body language says a lot. To express your interest, use friendly and welcoming body language. Try not to cross your arms or appear uninterested.

The Ice Breakers

Once you’ve made the initial approach, it’s time to break the ice and get the conversation started. This will be the second most important step in the process of how you can start a conversation with your crush.

how to start a convo with your crush

4. Compliments Go A Long Way

Give your crush an honest compliment. It could be about their look, style, or something they’ve recently achieved. Be sincere in your compliments, knowing that they will be acknowledged.

5. Find Common Interest

Find common interests that you both share. This can be a great way to connect and keep the conversation flowing. For instance, if you both love a particular movie or hobby, use it as a conversation starter.

6. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Ask questions but please don’t make it an interview. Avoid questions that may be answered with a simple yes or no; doing so can make it tough to keep the conversation going on with your crush. It would also be awkward if your crush had nothing to say to you due to the broken pace of your conversation.

Keeping the Conversation Going

After breaking the ice, the catch is to keep the conversation going smoothly. You will also start getting an idea of how to start a conversation with your crush

7. Listen Actively

Pay close attention to what your crush is saying. Express genuine interest in their opinions and beliefs. Instead of interrupting, actively listen to what they have to say. Wait till they finish their sentence no matter how interesting your point would be.

8. Share Personal Interesting Stories

Share your own stories from your life. This might make the conversation more interesting and relatable. It also helps your crush discover more about you. Notice their reactions to what you have to say & keep the conversation going on with your crush.

9. Use Your Humor

They can’t hate you if you make them laugh! Humor can be an excellent approach to interacting with others. To lighten the situation and make your crush laugh, share funny stories or jokes (suitable ones, of course). Humor has the power to bring people closer.

Overcome Awkward Moments

Awkward moments can happen, but it’s important to handle them smartly to open a conversation with your crush, this can be tricky & the step that most of you lack. So read carefully.

How do you start a conversation with your crush

10. Don’t Be Afraid Of Silence

Don’t be afraid if there is a short gap in the conversation & trust me, there will be. It’s quite natural and can be used as a chance for both of you to put together your thoughts. Take a deep breath and continue when you’re ready. Maybe say something funny now.

11. Know When To Change Topics

If a topic seems to be dying out or becoming odd, make an easy switch to a new one. This keeps the conversation going with your crush and avoids awkward silences.

12. Avoid Controversial Topics

While it matters to express your thoughts, avoid digging into disputable or sensitive topics too soon. These issues can lead to disagreements, which may ruin the mood of the conversation. You can get there later.

Take It to the Next Level

If the conversation is going well, you may want to consider taking it to the next level. Calm down now & read further.

how to keep the conversation going with your crush

13. Suggest Planning Something Together

If you’ve found common interests, suggest doing something together in the future that interests both of you. It could be as basic as making plans to see a movie or attend a party.

14. Express you’re Genuinely Interested In Them

When you’re genuinely interested in them it will reflect your clear intentions with them through how your body language is, how you speak with them, be respectful & suggest having a good time together.

15. Exchange Your Contact

If the conversation has been fun, and there’s a mutual connection, don’t hesitate to exchange contact. This can be their number, Instagram, or Snapchat. This can pave the way for more conversations and planning future dates.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to start a conversation with your crush on Instagram?

You can find a funny meme or a reel that relates to your crush you can send that to start a conversation or you can respond to their ig story by texting something that will be interesting or funny for them to read. If not, there’s always an option of using a pickup line without being creepy, please. These are the ways you can start a conversation with your crush on Instagram.

How to start a Snapchat conversation with your crush?

One unique idea is to send them a snap on Snapchat, just kidding. But yes, You can start a conversation with your crush by sending them a snap of yourself or what you’re doing at the moment or where you are headed. You can also text something cheesy or worst scenario, ask your AI snap friend to text you a pickup line.

How to keep the conversation going with your crush?

To build an engaging conversation that keeps both of you involved and interested, ask open-ended questions about their interests, listen actively, and express your own opinions.

How to impress your crush through text?

Be respectful, and honest, have some good pictures of you online, and make sure you are well-dressed & look appealing to them. Be funny & keep the conversation going.

How to make your crush laugh?

Share personal relatable stories with them which can be funny, and use playful humor selectively to create an easy and fun atmosphere that makes them giggle.

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