10 Best Ways To Know How To Be a Better Man For Her

How to be a better man for her

It’s not a secret that A real man can go through the most challenging situation for a woman he loves, When a man is genuinely in love, he is prepared to handle and persevere through the most challenging conditions or difficulties life may present. His urge to find ways how to be a better man for her to defend and stand by the woman he loves, no matter the costs, is the source of this unshakeable dedication.

This is like a nonverbal form of commitment that a man commits through his actions first. 

Take notes, ladies,!

Here are the 10 Best ways to show You how to be a better man for her

1. Give Her Attention

I get it. You’re busy, probably doing multiple jobs, However, this should not be an excuse for you to not give her your time. Men & women function differently. She needs your time. She needs to feel that she’s part of your life. Men should pay attention to their women since it is essential to fostering a strong and happy relationship. Women experience value and adoration when they are given attention, which conveys caring, gratitude, and respect

2. Make Sure She’s Feeling Loved

When a woman feels loved, she feels emotionally safe, trustworthy, and content. This encourages open conversation, builds up the emotional connection, and helps partners connect more deeply. Showing her that she is valued and cherished through displays of affection, admiration compliments, and active listening will foster a stronger connection and a lasting, meaningful relationship. You will find the key to how to be a better man for her

3. Make Sure You’re Financially Stable

I know what you’re thinking, Quick Question tho. If you were a woman would you not want your man to be financially secure? No matter how successful one might be as a woman in her career some dynamics are embedded in an evolutionary way. I am not asking you to be in the top 1% however make sure you’re capable of handling a household in peace. Women in general appreciate the efforts & be contended at the same time providing you that support & encouragement. If you’re not getting this from your woman, you might want to rethink your relationship once

4. Don’t Compare Her With Anyone Else

No one likes it. Comparing her to others would be to ignore her unique traits and potential. A closer connection is created by praising her individuality and supporting what she has to offer. Honoring and admiring her for who she is means accepting her for what she is. Avoiding comparisons enables her to grow honestly, fostering a deeper connection between the two of you. This will help you immensely in knowing how to be a better man in a relationship.

5. Don’t Let Things Get Boring

Obviously, now I am not asking you to clown around or be an entertainer package for her all day. At times when a couple has been together for a long period, their relationship can occasionally lose some of its shine. Add unexpected moments to your routine to keep the romance alive. Plan surprise dates, cook her favorite meal, do gift-giving, and physical touch. Develop your imagination and a little bit of secrecy for a fun twist! 

How to be a better man

6. Make Her Laugh 

According to numerous studies, having a strong sense of humor and being able to make her laugh is essential for a happy relationship. Humor strengthens relationships by improving communication and emotional ties between couples. Humor is a great way for a man to lighten the mood in a relationship while simultaneously fostering long-lasting happiness and a solid emotional base (Graham, 2019)

7. Make Her Feel Safe

 Women must feel safe with their men since this develops trust, honest communication, and a feeling of ease, She should not feel ashamed to be vulnerable to you or share any emotional turmoil. communicate their vulnerabilities, and engage in making things easy for them, women need to feel emotionally secure. This helps to build a solid and long-lasting relationship. Research by Johnson (2016) emphasizes the significance of emotional safety within a relationship, highlighting its direct correlation with increased overall well-being and life satisfaction for women.

8. Take Care Of Your Fitness

No one would trust a weak man for their life. A man’s general health, self-confidence, and good energy levels must be physically fit. By sharing activities and setting a good example for his partner, demonstrates self-care and can strengthen the bond between the partners. When a man puts his fitness first, it shows that he genuinely cares about his health and longevity and that he has a responsible approach to taking care of himself. This dedication to one’s health can significantly improve a relationship. Engaging in physical activity as a family develops shared experiences and presents chances for intimacy and quality time.

9. Be Emotionally Intelligent

No woman likes a crybaby. Initially, I have seen instances where they ask their man to show their vulnerable side then later they cant handle & trust an emotionally weak man. We all have bad days, There are instances where you’d need that emotional support from their woman & there should not be any shame to it. In a limit, everything is okay, However, don’t let yourself go into a sad rabbit hole When you’re emotionally intelligent, you create a strong and supportive relationship where both of you feel valued and listened to. It helps you handle disagreements better and keeps the love alive for the long haul.

10. Be Loyal to Your Woman

Real men show commitment through actions. Loyalty to your woman is essential for building trust and a deep emotional connection. It shows respect, & commitment, and strengthens the foundation of your relationship. Her safety, happiness, and formation of a solid, long-lasting connection are all ensured by your loyalty. This will help you know how to be a better man for her


To summarise, becoming a better man for her in your life involves a deliberate effort to establish respect, communication, and understanding. You may provide the groundwork for mutual love and progress by practicing active listening, expressing appreciation, and supporting her goals. Remember, Small acts of compassion and shared obligations, for example, contribute to a peaceful partnership.


These are the few best ways to show how to be a better man for her. You can check our article on Sigma Male personality & take the quiz  & its best examples.

Your thoughts matter! I would love to hear your insights and experiences. Drop a comment below and let’s keep the conversation going. Also, drop in the comments on what would you like an article on next. Together, we can continue to explore, learn, and connect

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10 Best Ways To Know How To Be A Better Man For Her